12 Collabs of Christmas – DAY #3 – Character Christmas List Tag! (Ft. Bianca @ The Ultimate Fangirl)

Today’s collab is with awesome blogger Bianca @ The Ultimate Fangirl.
We came up with a very cute Christmasy tag: The Character Christmas List Tag!


Basically, you just pick 10 random characters from any book/movie/show, and you try to figure out what on earth they’d want for Christmas 😉
Let’s get started!


Here are the characters for today!

Albus Dumbledore
Primrose Everdeen
The Countess from American Horror Story
Margo from Paper Towns
J.K. Rowling
Marcus Eaton from Divergent
Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory
Teddy Lupin

Bianca’s answers are red,

My answers are blue;

Chocolate ice cream looks like poo.

Albus Dumbledore
Knowing that Albus Dumbledore is practically one of the greatest wizards ever, you may think that it is hard to get him a gift. But no, he’s actually easier to give a gift to. Like bookworms, Dumbledore seems like the kind of person who would enjoy a certain scented candle. Specifically, scrolls and caramel.

Dumbledore… I just wanna give him the link to my blog. IMAGINE DUMBLEDORE READING MY BLOG. I feel like he’d get it. I know that’s kinda selfish but who cares he has enough already.
Primrose Everdeen
– I have not yet dived deep into the world of Hunger Games, because I DNFed Mockingjay. I even boycotted Catching Fire and both of the Mockingjay films. But also knowing that Primrose is a sweet character, I would give her an origami box set, and fold one rose for her, just to keep the pace.

Primrose stays alone with her mom while Katniss is away killing people so she must have some guidance. Therefor, I’d give her a few books: first of all, a cookbook. Second, Selp-Helf by Miranda obviously, so she knows how to deal with life. Finally, Matilda by Roald Dahl, for light reading.

The Countess from AHS:


I think I’d give her a bunch of little black cats she can strut around with. And some blood-flavored popsicles from honeydukes, because obvs.





Margo from Paper Towns
– It would be so fun to give Margo a world map that could fill her entire room and a lifetime supply of darts. It gives her the thrill to go to the place where the dart landed. Even if I am not a fan of her personality, seeing her giving my present a go will be the best gift ever. And if she gives me the same thing, we’ll practically be BFF’s despite our clashing personalities.

What would I give to this girl? I didn’t really like her much either. I guess I’d give her the Harry Potter books, so she can still escape into new territories without having to make an entire book about it. 
J.K. Rowling
– The Queen practically has everything. I don’t even know if I could give anything to her. Maybe one of my fanart attempts and my Harry-Hermione fanfiction? I love her so much.

Selfishness strikes again, so I’m giving her my blog to read too. Also, all my social media accounts to follow. And all her books to sign. Wait, this isn’t how this works.

Marcus Eaton from Divergent

A peaceful childhood and a cotton belt for good measure. Oh and cancer.
Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory
– Napkins signed by the entire Star Trek cast, if that’s even possible. I’ll do him the favor of putting it in a frame that will display the each individual signature. I’ll probably one-up Penny and have Sheldon kiss me. And shower me with books.

A hot beverage, after what that bitch did to him. And a hug. And t-shirts with different flags for every day of the year.
Teddy Lupin
– A custom-made werewolf that has hair that differs in color. No, it’s not sad. *Insert feels here* I cannot further explain my present to Teddy. I think it deserves its own blog post.

-Teddy… I’d give him a box full of chocolates. For the dementors. FEELS. 


So that was it for today! Hope you enjoyed our tag, we sure had fun creating and doing it 😀

I have no energy to tag people now but I promise I’ll do it sometime soon. Goodnight!

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