12 Collabs Of Christmas – DAY #1 – Christmas Tree! (Ft. Elm)

Hello everyone!! I’m so excited to finally present the project I’ve been working on, 12 Collabs Of Christmas, today 😀
For the premiere, I chose one of my favorite bloggers of all time and QUEEN OF THE INTERNET, Elm!
Without further ado, here’s the post! Hope you enjoy it 🙂



Heya! It’s Elm, from Just Call me Elm or Something, and the amazing Anthony has let me collab with him on his blog.  That’s pretty bloody amazing, because I adore it.  Anyway, let’s get onto the post before I bore you with my fangirl ramblings.

I love Christmas, mainly because of the festive atmosphere; I’m not religious so I don’t celebrate it in the Christian sense.  I love the decorations and the presents and the foods.  So I thought, seeming as I’m called Elm, why not write about the tree? (That’s…  That’s NOT clever, Elm, really).

Every single year, we get a real tree: we insist on it.  I love the smell of pine, the feel of the needles, the way the tree fans out.  When I was 10, and a bit before that, I always used to get bored – I’d strip the needles off some of the smaller branches and put them in a bowl, and the smell was glorious.  It shouldn’t have been, because I was demolishing a tree (that’s REALLY bad) but still: I have memories of doing that and it kind of represents my childhood.

I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t love the decorations.  My sister and I decorate the tree together, usually, along with my father.  We’ve left it late this year, but we should be decorating it tonight and tomorrow.  My favourite has to be the tinsel, because it’s sparkly and awesome and I used to drape it around myself like a scarf.  I also did that with chains of beads, which I still love.

Of course, you’ve got baubles – which are bloody cute – and the angel, but I’m not really fussed about them.  Baubles are fun to hang up, though, even though I have to get help because I can’t tell if they’re spread evenly.  Same with our other strange, miscellaneous decorations.

Ahh, I just love Christmas in general.  I’ve been rebellious and not joined in with Blogmas, but as it gets closer to the 25th, you might see a sneaky Christmas post appearing on my blog.  This one’s got me in a festive mood.

Thank you so much, Anthony, for letting me post on here.  You’re really amazing, and I’m looking forward to reading the other collabs you do, because it’ll make me feel even more festive.

I really hope you enjoyed that!

From Elm 🙂

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