Hi. Would you like to be famous?

Then do a collab with me!!!!!
Just kidding, you won’t get famous probably. But it will make you happy tho!
I’m looking to do as much collab posts with fellow bloggers as I can by next week, for a certain reason that will be revealed next week.
I’m really excited, but I still need many bloggers to join me.
It could even be a guest post, I wouldn’t mind at all.
Also, I’ll post on your blog too if you’d like! Do you need a better deal than that?! Ugh I sound like telemarketers.
So anyway, please let me know in the comments or by email (anthony.p.gemayel@gmail.com) if you can collab with me.
Important Note: Do. Not. Be. Shy! Even if you’re reading my blog for the first time and have no idea who the hell I am, even if you’re new to blogging and feel a bit insecure… Don’t hesitate! It’s the holdiays! Be jolly!!
I am way too excited. Whew. Calm down, me.
Anyway, goodnight! I’m waiting for you. Hope you participate!

11 thoughts on “Hi. Would you like to be famous?

  1. I’d love to do a blog collab. I’m all up for doing that, although I must say I’m not all that sure how it works… I’m sure you can enlighten me. I’m fairly new to blogging, but I’m keen to get involved, learn and experience [God, how nerdy does that sound? Don’t answer that one, actually…] I’d love to get involved, and if you’d like to post on my blog [guest post], that’d be absolutely fantastic too; again, not sure how that works but I’m sure you do! :-]

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    1. Well, I don’t really have that much experience either! But I don’t imagine collaborating on a post to be that complicated, we just both come up with an idea and make it a post 🙂 as for guest posts, it’s just like writing any post for your own blog, but it’s posted on someone else’s. If you could send me your email, we can talk about our idea and do the post. I’d be delighted!

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