Please stop talking.

I just hear people talking… It disgusts me. I’m repulsed with everything they say. It really makes me feel like I’m surrounded by cavemen. Ignorance. Ignorance rules all. I hate how they talk, their opinions, their points of view. It’s the twenty first century for a reason. I want to see progress in the world, progress in the quality of conversation and ways people think. But they’re stubborn, and ignorant, and racist, and sexist, and prejudiced. 

And my tongue is tied. I can’t open my mouth, because to them I’m the one who’s wrong. They think they’re open minded, and that’s only because they don’t know what closed mindedness is. They’ve literally reached the bottom of the barrel. And if I dare speak outside of the box, or voice an unpopular opinion… Poor me. 

So I just have to listen, nod, and keep a poker face, while my insides boil with indignation.

16 thoughts on “Please stop talking.

  1. This post is so real, and true. It’s unfair that some people stop others from voicing their opinion, when their opinion is truly more valuable than their own.

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  2. And it’s bloody awful. I just wish people would TRY and accept other opinions, but you can’t change someone’s mind when THEY think they’re right. It’s sad and horrible but it’s the truth 😦

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    1. I don’t even want them to change their opinion for gods sakes. I just want them to be like ‘fine this is my opinion and im not changing it but like idc have your own opinion’. But no, they want everyone to think the same way they do. It. Is. Disgusting.

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  3. I know! It’s so hard yo not say whatever u want and just hear their opinion and there talks. But just for a change try to say something u wanna say. I mean what’s the worst that can happen? 🙂

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    1. I’m not talking about light topics, where there could be a disagreement and then that’s it. These are serious topics and issues I’m referring to, and they’re taboo to talk about in the first place even if it’s just by mentioning. Imagine what it’s like to go in and argue. Especially in a society like mine.
      Do you know what’s the worst that can happen (and that has happened) to someone who has an opinion in the Middle East? Death. Jail if they’re lucky.

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        1. No no noo, don’t feel sorry at all! I was just letting you know the conditions I was talking about in the post, and just informing you (and anyone who reads) just how cruel it is here. If anyone should he sorry, it’s this rotten society.

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          1. I’ve actually been to Arabic countries due to moving purposes and all. But the people there were really really nice. But what do I know? I mean I’m not the one living there. I hope your days get better and just the way you want them to be one way or the other 🙂

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