My life has a bipolar disorder.

Yeah. Not me. If life was a function problem, I’d be a constant. What a lame ass maths joke.

But my life would be that squiggly lign thingy that goes up and down and up and around and back down again and then does a backflip and lands on it’s ass and still keeps bumping.

This is so sad it’s almost funny. I’m laughing at myself seriously. What the fuck is wrong with everything? Is everyone drunk and I’m the designated driver? I honestly feel like I am. You might say ‘oh please he’s so full of himself he doesn’t realize he’s the problem’ but I seriously don’t think so (hashtagmodestyhashtag).

I really don’t wanna elaborate and say anything I might regret later (remember the time I bashed a teacher of mine? And then made an ‘apology’ post and ended up shading him even more?) so I’ll stop for now. I know my squiggly line of a life will eventually rise up again but I don’t know when and honestly I’m not even sure if I’m going through a ‘minimum’ right now. This has happened to me way too many times in the past to label it a ‘turning point’.

Ugh. I said I would stop talking and I’m STILL talking. I like to talk. But for now I’m gonna have to shut the hell up, find a way to forget about my ‘pretendue’ misery (hashtagfrenchteacherhashtag) which happened to occur conveniently during the time I need to concentrate the most, and study some damn History and a thousand other subjects for my ‘exams’. I say ‘exams’ because the school won’t admit these are exams so that they don’t give us days off to study, but the content and the procedures are the same. They’re fucking with us. This has to be illegal.

“I’m gonna stop talking” I said. LOL.

UPDATE: This is it. I can’t. No. It’s definitely a ‘minimum’. My mental breakdown is happening. I don’t want this to happen. For the fourth time. Is this a joke?! Definitely not. I can’t think straight. Exams? Who fucking cares?! Why?!?!?! I can’t. I don’t wanna cry. I won’t cry, because it’s useless. I can’t do anything. I’m vulnerable. People realize how vulnerable I am before I did. And now I’ve completely lost control. I hate myself.

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