Sunshine Blogger Award!!

I haven’t done one of these in a while!

Ugh… So many books to read, so many albums to listen to, so many movies to watch… But all I do is SCHOOL SCHOOL SCHOOL. Fuck school.

Oh wait… Is this the Sunshine Blogger Award? Woops. Such a delicate ray of sunshine I’m being. Excusez-moi.

I have been nominated by ateenagediaryonline and Keira for this award a looooongg time ago. Sorry guys. Better late than never? 😁 seriously check their blogs out because they’re some of the sweetest people on here.

So let’s get to it:


The rules are:

Thank the person who nominated you, simple 🙂

Answer the questions from your nominators

Nominate 11 other bloggers and give them 11 new questions to answer

ATeenageDiaryOnline’s Questions (we should really get you a nickname)

Have you been watching the rugby world cup? 

Trololololo no.

Who are you supporting?

I thought I said no

What is your favorite thing about autumn?


I guess it’s the amount of albums and movies and books that drop during this time of year (BUT I CAN’T ENJOY THEM BECAUSE SCHOOL HAHAHAHAHA FML)

What is your favorite food?

When I was little, it was always pizza. Then I had a bad pizza once and turned to hamburgers. Now I don’t really have a favorite, I love everything, but burgers have a special place in my heart. And fat.

Have you heard 5 Seconds Of Summer’s new album?

Nah. I just can’t like them. ‘She’s Kinda ahot’ makes me cringe, and that’s just the title. 

Mustard or ketchup or both?

Depends, usually ketchup, sometimes both. (Nah really it’s just ketchup)

Pizza or burgers?

You just asked me that!! Burgezzz

Apple or Windows?

Windows all the way. Ah the memories.

Did you know you can change your colour on your blogs writting?

I did know, but I don’t know how!! How?!?!

New Zealand or South Africa?

Well that’s random… I don’t know much about these countries. In which am I least likely to meet attractive teenagers that make hate myself and shrivel up and cry?

Are you dressing up for Halloween? What are you going as?

Omfg you had nominated me before Halloween? I’m such a bad blogger.

We don’t celebrate Halloween, however we do celebrate St. Barabara’s which is like our version of Halloween. I don’t think I’ll dress up, though I wish I could be Harry.

What are you going to get your best friend for christmas?

Hmmmmm… There’s a chance they’ll read this (though doubt it because we have about 12 exams this week) so I’ll keep it to myself 🙂

Rogan’s Questions:

What book would you recommend to a seven year old with a high reading ability?

Ironically, Matilda. I know, I know, she had a high reading ability herself and whatever but really, if a kid like her read the book they’ll feel special. It’s also a really sweet story. (once you take out the mom, the dad, the headmistress, you know)


Hairbrush or comb?

What’s the difference? 😅

Would you rather be the lawyer for someone who murdered someone or who participated in child trafficking?

I’d rather not be a lawyer thank you very much. If I had to chose, I guess it’s the first, because there are a billion ways this could have happened. Child trafficking, on the other hand, is just atrocious in any way you put it. 

On a lighter note, what is your favourite season?

Ugh, I’m like your mom. Don’t do favs. Every season has something I love and something I hate. I guess spring has the least stuff I hate so I’ll go with that. 

Duvet or blanket?

What’s a duvet? It sounds warm and fluffy so I’ll go with that. 

Painting of sketching?

I’m horrible at both, but painting is so fun. And squetshy.

Be able to write a poem or be able to write a book?


Would you rather have the ability to read and comprehend any classic you want, easily, or the ability to stop time whilst reading a classic (NOTE: THIS POWER ONLY APPLIES TO THE READING OF CLASSICS)?

Understand classics! That’d be so useful omg.

Non-fiction or Short Story collection?

Hmm… Non fiction just doesn’t click with me (except if it’s like humor). So short stories.

Black or white?


What Hogwarts house would you be in according to your own opinion of yourself?


Kayyy now my turn to qwetshen you:

1. How do you feel about ISIS’ cute little plan for a worldwide day of terror?

2. What do you think of Adele’s HELLO FROM THE OTHER SIIIIIIIIIDE
3. If you could have any book in the world for free, whether it exists or not, what would you take? (I’m practically giving you a free book. Any book. For free. What’s better than that?)
4. Can you show us your favorite shoe?

5. If you saw someone burning a Harry Potter book, with what weapon would you kill them?

6. What musical instrument would you eradicate if you could?

7. Who’s the pop star you feel like you hate the least?

8. What book would you want to turn into a TV Show?

9. What book would you want your grandma to read when she was your age?

10. Look down, right now, without moving, and type 5 things you see.

11. Bloggers’ Whatsapp Chat Group: Yay or Nay?

Gosh I love coming up with these questions. 

I also want everyone to answer that last question in the comments. I’d LOVE it if we had a chat group just for us.


I’ll nominate these following people according to who pops up first, but please feel free to participate and answer the questions (whether on your blog or in the comments or on Merlin’s left- Don’t speak like that to your mother! Waddup HP reference! Waddup iiSuperwomanii waddup reference reference! Waddup okstopit).







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