Bookyard & Book Haul!

Hey everyone! The event I was waiting for ALL summer finally happened today 😀 The monthly (yeah right) bookyard took place yesterday, and will go on until next Sunday.

Basically, the bookyard is one of the only bookish events organized where I live; it’s a place where book lovers come to sell their used/old books or trade them for other books from other sellers. 

Personally, the reason I love it here is the ambiance; a room full of books! It’s a bookworm’s Utopia. 

I don’t really sell much, because there’s a stand for an ‘official’ book company who’s selling all the books that have small defects or that aren’t selling well enough for heavily discounted prices. Naturally, customers will go there to get what they want, instead of us peasants.

Personally, I don’t blame them: they have the best books! Last year I found the hardcover first editions of Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince & Deathly Hallows for just 3$ each! I also got Hyperbole & A Half from there, and if it wasn’t for that book I swear I would not be blogging today. 

So I’ll forgive them for stealing my customers.

The only reason I wanted the money anyway was to buy more books. Even though I didn’t sell much, I still had a lot to buy.

I’ll post the ‘haul’ next week, since the event will go on for a week so I may have bought more stuff by then, but I’ll show you some pictures today:

Entrance to the bookyard.
So much people... NOT.
This is my stand. I took these when I came and before I left. I literally just sold 3 books.
This is the infamous stand for the book company. Look at it! I wanna buy everything.
Casually spying on other sellers taking selfies.

Also, here’s a snippet of the huge book I bought that I still can’t believe I laid hands on:

Dum Dum DuDumDum Dum Dumm Dumm

Can you guess it?

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