Fuck you Obama.

‘This is an attack not just on Paris, not just on France, but all of Humanity.’ Says US president Barack Obama, a short while after the terrorsit attack at the Stade de France.

Oh… So it takes a football game to make it a tragedy that affects humanity, right?

If it’s the same terrorists, with the same death toll, in a different, less ‘popular’ country, why would he bat an eye? What news site would cover that story?

I’m so disgusted.

What’s more awful to note, is that he might be ignoring what’s going on in my poor country on purpose.

Oh the corruption. What are we going to do. What is this. What’s going on.

Is this just the beginning?

11 thoughts on “Fuck you Obama.

  1. UGH I’M SO ANGRY WITH THE WORLD! I’m so glad I read your post earlier so I knew what happened in Lebanon. I’m angry about Paris too. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?


  2. I do understand what you are saying… but isn’t it also an awful thing in Paris? Perhaps he talked about Paris because bombings are rarer in Europe? Of course, they should cover your country’s story as well.


      1. I suppose. I guess it just hits much closer to home. I mean, in your area of the world bombings are becoming a common occurrence (which is definitely a bad thing), but in Europe, it is virtually unheard of since the World Wars.


        1. This argument has been used many times, but I still don’t get its logic.
          It’s the same as two women whose sons have died in war. One of them has had many sons die in battle, but for the other it’s the first time. Do people ignore the first woman’s pain because she’s already been through this?
          You might still say ‘yes’, but I strongly disagree.
          I think what’s happening here is people didn’t care about this stuff when it’s in the middle eastern area, because it’s far from them and couldn’t affect them. Now that they realize they could be the next victims, they started caring.

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          1. I think it is a mixture of the two things. The thing is, it is so normal in the middle east at the moment, that it is no longer ‘new’s, it’s old news. But Paris is new news. It is a new development. And they’re right to be worried, but I wouldn’t say that people didn’t care before.


  3. While I completely understand your anger at how little the situation in Lebanon has been acknowledged, isn’t it worth remembering who the real enemy is here? Obama certainly isn’t the one who has killed hundreds of people in the last 24 hours. Perhaps you don’t agree with him, but he’s trying to help, and it’s not worth focusing your anger on him, rather than the horrible humans who have committed these atrocities. My thoughts are with your country, and with Paris. X


    1. Totally; I’m afraid my sudden anger was on the spot, it was cumulating and just surged when I saw that statement by Obama, that’s why the wording was strong towards him. Again; I’m only criticizing the media here. In my last post, I faced the same problem and my anger was directed towards the victims who died for ridiculous reasons in my country. When I post, it’s because of a strong thought that happened to come through my mind at that exact moment. If I was to write an overall report about the whole situation, obviously I would direct it towards ISIS and their bestiality. I apologize for the way my point of view comes through, but this is a personal blog after all and I don’t like compromising the honesty of my statements.

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      1. Of course – I wouldn’t want your posts to be any other way; the honesty is one of the most important things about them. I just think it’s interesting sometimes to challenge or explore the points that other people discuss in their posts, as if everyone always agrees and has the same opinion, life would get very boring! Of course I agree in many ways with your anger, and if it was my country I would almost certainly have written a very similar post. It’s very depressing that the impact has to be in the West before the world is outraged. I hope you didn’t think I was criticising either your views or your post, that is not at all how my comment was intended – I just wanted to flag up a counter-argument, as it were. X


        1. On the contrary! I wouldn’t mind at all if you were to oppose my views or not agree with my post, in fact it’s a delight to know that someone is reading and participating and taking into account what I have to say 🙂 I’m glad you commented because it allowed me to explain myself and my opinion.

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