After all we’ve been through; my country’s people are still dumb. And dead.

Today, around 6 P.M. in my country Lebanon, the news broke with reports of a terrorist attack in Dahye, which is part of the capital Beirut.

The infamous terrorist scum who call themselves ISIS (or Daa’esh in Arabic) decided it’s time for another bombing, since there hasn’t been one in a while and they were getting kinda bored.

So they chose a guy, told him ‘kill yourself, take as many with you and go to heaven where 100 ladies will welcome you to live with them forever’. Naturally, he said yes.

The bombing happened as planned. 20 died.

Now, what do we do in case there’s a bombing near us?

a) We quickly regroup all our family members and get as far away as possible to stay safe.


b) We make plans to stop by and take a look at the dead people, maybe take some selfies with the remains, and heck if we’re lucky we might even get on TV!

If you’re Lebanese, you probably chose b).

Well, congratulations! Another bomb went off and you’re all dead now!


How can people be so careless?! This is so horrible to talk about.

Oh my fucking gosh.

I think I just understood, like literally in this moment, the meaning of ‘Curiosity killed the cat.’

So now there are over 45 dead people, and 180 injured.


I’m done with this. It’s really hard to feel sorry right now.

Oh and also I don’t know how but they just announced that schools are to resume as usual tomorrow morning.

I really, really want to leave this shitty piece of land we call ‘country’. Like right now.

This was written yesterday, when the events happened. I couldn’t post it at the time because my Wifi is full of shit.

For some reason, when I woke up today my mom told me to go back to sleep because school is canceled again. I should have known this because since when do my people come up with definite decisions?

I don’t know what made them change their minds, hopefully there hasn’t been ANOTHER bomb but I frankly don’t want to care right now.

11 thoughts on “After all we’ve been through; my country’s people are still dumb. And dead.

  1. I wish you and your family to be safe, but perhaps you should not take out your frustration on your fellow people? Have you experienced being in their situation? Curiousity is a fundamental part of human nature, even if it does cause trouble.


    1. You’re totally right, I do feel bad for being angry at them while the people to be blamed are clearly the terrorists, but the first security measures to take in case there’s a terrorist attack is get away. It’s the biggest cliché in the history of terrorism! Do something minor to attract a crowd then blow them all up! I just really don’t want this to happen again because it’s encouraging ISIS to keep doing app that horrible stuff.

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  2. Oh my goodness that’s terrible! I hope your family and friends are all safe. I do kind of agree with you though. Playing on people’s curiosity is such a cliche (a disgusting one but yeah) it was even in the Hunger Games… But seriously, ISIS just need to disappear.


    1. Oh my… Don’t remind me of Prim T_T and thank you, I’m hoping that too.
      I’m utterly confused about ISIS. Are they putting up an act? Because I just can’t believe there are humans whose brains are still so underdeveloped. It’s revolting.

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      1. Haha I’m sorry. And I know right? How could anyone possibly be so stupid as to think that anyone would want them to do this, let alone their god? It’s completely ridiculous!


  3. My journalism teacher is from Lebanon, and he agrees with what you said. It’s really concerning especially because no one’s doing anything about it. I’m from the U.S. and as much as the government likes to pretend we’re helping, we’re not doing shit with our oh-so-powerful army except causing more problems. I’m glad your family is safe, though.


    1. Well we always say that about the US… But I didn’t know some of you also agree.
      I have a feeling that if your government wanted ISIS dead, they’d be dead. They aren’t smart enough to carry on on their own. Obviously they’re being supported by a larger party.


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