The Nekci Menij Show Slays

Seriously… It’s fucking genius.


wpid-sc20151109-180608.png wpid-sc20151109-180621.png


If you don’t recognize these Quens Of Flop, they’re Rhenna, Medoner, and Merier Care.

For those of you who are completely lost, this is a show featuring all the popular pop goddesses. Nekci Menij (Nicki Minaj) is the main character, though Bayonse, Medoner, Ladey Gags, Brinty Spreas, Kety Perr, Adole, and many others are featured in almost every episode (or should I say Epidos).

There are many spin offs for every character too (I currently follow the Ladey Gags show)

If you love disses, shade, pop, YAAAAASSSes and such, you really should go watch on YouTube like now.

Gudbey pesants. I aknolegde ur readership. Now weave to teh Quen B.


7 thoughts on “The Nekci Menij Show Slays

        1. Well, to understand everything you need to have a fair amount of knowledge of modern Pop stars and their antics, and I understand that many don’t, that’s why I’ll do posts about certain scenes that are too funny no matter the audience.

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