Happy Halloween! NOT.

We don’t celebrate Halloween.

Why? Because it’s ‘satanic’.

Are you all like Miranda or something?!

If I was to ban everything that’s considered satanic from my life, I’d be bored to death.

In case you’re wondering NO, I’M NOT SATANIC and I could never be.
I’m referring to the people who kill animals and drink blood and burn crosses and stuff like that.

But that doesn’t mean that everything out-of-the-ordinary is inflicted upon us by some devil! Come on people.

Just because you’re scared of anything weird, doesn’t mean you should make it into something sordid.
Like Harry Potter. What’s satanic in that? Magic?! It’s not hurting anyone! It’s just your stuck up and limited beliefs. Just like stop.

Lady Gaga is very unconventional. I get it. I don’t know, however, how that makes her a devil minion.

They tell us ‘Halloween glorifies violence, abnormality, witchcraft’ and all that. I swear guys, I just wanna dress different once in a year. Stop making all this fuss. It’s really not going to turn me into Satan’s slave.

There is one holiday similar to Halloween we cebrate which is St. Barbara’s Day on the 4th of December, where basically kids dress up and go with their parents to a few houses and eat candy and sweets. It’s just very basic and childish, and there’s nothing special to it.

Halloween isn’t banned. Not at all. It isn’t that serious. But we just don’t celebrate it, and anyone who does is considered a weirdo and a hippy and lost in his ways and whatever.

I just would like to experience it, that’s all. But by the time (and if) I leave the country, I’d probably be way too old to trick or treat.

20 thoughts on “Happy Halloween! NOT.

  1. šŸ˜€ Yeah, where I live Halloween isn’t a massive deal but we still do it. It is mostly Americans who make a big deal out of it. Personally, I don’t like Halloween. I use it as an excuse to curl up in my bed and avoid the world. I scare really, really easily. I also don’t enjoy dressing up for Halloween because the majority of costumes in adult sizing for women are either ridiculous or…. not so appropriate. I also don’t like sweets, only chocolate. So I get chocolates off my mum out of the things she’s giving away. Some of my best friends are really into Halloween and they will tell horror stories and stuff and I’m just sitting there with my eyes closed tight, ears covered and hugging the person next to be to death….

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  2. Halloween is a big thing in Ireland it is where halloween originated but some people just dont get halloween and thats okay but it doesnt mean its satanic. The same with music. Just because you listen to heavy metal doesnt mean you are satanic!

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