Some people are pricks.

I’m sorry for posting two consecutive pissed-off posts, but I had to.

If you’re new to my blog, I swear I’m usually cheerful and all. But gaahhhghhahahagagsgshsksjksksj

I’m fucking mad.

Put yourself in this situation: if you find out, by chance or by wit, that your friends are throwing you a SURPRISE birthday party, do you a) keep quiet and act surprised or b) tell them that they ain’t foolin you?


I mean when my friends threw me a party for my birthday, I literally knew like every single detail, but I tried my best to act surprised, because it would make them feel great. And really, I did not care at all, and was soย grateful that they thought of me and tried their best to make my birthday memorable (and it worked – check out this post if for some reason you’re interested in knowing how.) I didn’t tell them ‘meh, srsly guys it was all obvious down to the presents’. I only told one person, and this lovely girl is the only one who’ll probably read this so it’s alright (although she hasn’t been on here in a while…. Gah they give us so much work to do.)

So like, if you find out your best friends are throwing you a party, just KEEP QUIET! Because it could ruin everything. We don’t need to know that you’ve out-smarted us. Yay for you. Move on.

Now in reality not everything is ruined, I think the person I’m referring to noticed that it made me upset and dropped the subject quickly. So I guese he’ll try to act surprised for my sake.

If he doesn’t… Oh well. I tried. Fuck him.

22 thoughts on “Some people are pricks.

  1. YEAH, fuck him. Do the bloody party and if he isn’t surprised, he’s a shit actor. YOU guys organised it and he should be bloody well grateful – I NEED to stop ranting!

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  2. I chose a! I’m not a prick๐Ÿ˜‚ you’re friends are nice. Half my friends didn’t even know it was my birthday when I was talking about it a lot!

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  3. You never need to feel sorry about anything buddy, you have all the rights in the world to express how you’re feeling about it all, besides, we all have our bad days and it’s always the right thing to let people know how you’re feeling. Don’t worry, you’ve got my support 100% buddy and you’ve got everyone’s support.

    Always be yourself and don’t let anyone shit on your dreams or anything else in that matter, you deserve to live a happy life and always know that we’ve all got your back, I’ve got your back too buddy, so keep being you buddy :-).

    I’m always here to inspire you my dear good friend :-).

    Alex Smithson

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