Remember how I called my physics teacher a huge pile of shit?

Well… He’s not that huge of a pile.


When I wrote that post, I knew that there was a possibilty that I’d have to eat some of my words later. I didn’t care, because I was so frustrated.

In fact, everything that I wrote in that post was under the effect of cumulated anger and frustration. I was livid because the whole situation seemed unfair. I knew I’d get a low grade and it wouldn’t even be my fault.

Well, I got a low grade alright. But I wasn’t completely innocent.

The thing I was mad about was that he would not correct one of my questions that I did on the answer paper instead of the question paper, like he wanted. I really wasn’t just imagining it and insulting him over what I thought he’d do, I literally asked him if that was okay and he said ‘You’ll have to bear the consequences blahnlahblah.’ That in itself is a very stuck up and conceited thing to say. Especially when you just said it to mess with your students.

He did correct it. And I got that one right. Bitch, why’d you say you wouldn’t?! I feel like he just wanted to humiliate me. Did he expect me to beg? Gtfo.

The reason I still had a low grade was 1) the test was hard. The highest note was like 8/10 and many failed. Last year, 8 was considered mediocre. 2) my eyes are fucking stupid and idk how they saw the number 20 and wrote it down as 12 but it messed up one of my calculations. Seriously?! Lost me like half a point. Smh. 3) I never said that I didn’t mean any of the other things I said about him. He IS strict when it comes to presentation, and he DOES correct only following his method. The only question I really got wrong (not just stuff he’s picky about) was over 1 point, so really I could have gotten a 9. But I got a 7.

You might say, ‘Oh! I thought you failed. 7’s not bad’.
While it is in fact not too bad (it’s like the 5th highest in class), it is by my standards. The lowest grade I got in phsyics last year was like 9. I don’t feel like this year I’m worse, it’s just that our last teacher was the opposite: he was very easy to please when it came to answers, and just cared about the basics. Plus, he’d raise our grades if we asked nicely enough. I hope more teachers were like this in that way.

The reason I care so much is because my college scolarship depends on my grades. Especially my physics and maths grades, because I intend to pursue those subjects. But guess what? I got a 7 on maths too. That one has no excuses. Just me being awfully stupid. I’m really surprised and disgusted. It really made me want to punch something, probably myself, but I showed no sign of that in class and acted as though it was all fine and whatevs. Everyone got a better grade! I did get a 10 on the last test, so it’s 17 in total I guess, but still. Ugh.

Why am I talking about my grades here anyway. It’s probably boring you to death right now. Excuse me.

Imma go now and study, because I really don’t want this to happen again.

Wish me luck guys.

11 thoughts on “Remember how I called my physics teacher a huge pile of shit?

  1. How does your grading system work? I got to an international school and it is out of 7. 7 is really hard to get, especially in maths or science because you have to get 96%. In other subjects it is 94% or something similar.


    1. It’s rather complicated. Each test is different. Small tests can be over 5 or 10, bigger ones over 15 or 20. Serious tests can be over 30, 40 or even 50 (these are usually just for science and maths tests). Then at the end of each term the teachers collect all the grades and calculate them to a certain coefficient (for example, the overall maths grade is over 100, physic’s over 80, biology’s over 50…). THEN, all the subjects are added together for like a grade over 600, and it’s divided into a grade over 20. That’s the one that really matters. If you get 10 or lower, you fail, more, you pass. The highest grade you can get is probably 18 and I’ve heard of like 2 people ever who reached that. My usual average is 17 which is the realistic highest grade you could get. Though I’m very worried that I might not reach anywhere near it this year. Wow, this was one hell of a long comment.

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      1. Wow, that is really complicated. We get a grade out of 7 in each class which is made from a weighted average of our individual grades as well as our effort in class (especially for gym grades). Generally, quizzes count 25%, tests and projects 50% and then everything else. We don’t get a single grade, we get one per subject and then we can calculate our GPA. A GPA of 7 is the highest you can get. The average is 5.5. Mine is generally between 6.4 and 6.8 depending on what we have been doing in class (we get four sets of grades per year).

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        1. I really wish we’d have grades for effort. Some of my friends are the hardest working people I know and study day and night, but still get below average grades. That would help them a great deal. But I think it wouldn’t work in my favor ^^’

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            1. You’re lucky! In gym, it’s either you’re fit, or you’re not. The sporty guys get the high grades, the rest of us barely pass. It’s really awful and unfair because first of all it lowers my total grade and second they really should grade each person on their effort. Oh, and our gym teacher is a dick, and he never teaches, he just sits on his phone while the guys who like football play football.

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              1. Oh, the teachers at our school wouldn’t get away with that. In our school, if you’re not fit you won’t get a really good grade because we have this thing called fitness testing which you have to improve on but I’m pretty fit, I’m just not great at ball sports so I’m okay. For fitness testing we have to do as many sit ups in a minute as we can, as many continuous push ups as we can do, run a 1.6km and 1.4km in the forest, do shuttle runs, standing long jump and then something called the sit-and-reach (it’s like a box where you put your bare feet on the bottom part and then (sitting down) you bend forward and push this metal slider with your hands. The best score you can get on the sit-and-reach is 50 and I have 48 so it is really hard to get improvement on that for me but most people fail that and get some of the other things.

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