And the Class Prez for this year is… (Spoiler Alert: Me.)

Oh yeah, oh yeah, happy dance

Who says nerdy kids can’t make it!?

I’m living proof: I just won the title over 3 other very popular guys in class. 

How did that happen? Well don’t ask me, because heck if I know.

Usually, it’s popularity that matters in these matters, and not leadership skills. The only thing I’m popular for is having high grades = I study too much (which I reaaally don’t, but who will believe me beside the people who really know me)

Still, I put my name in, because I had noticed a fault in their plan.

Let’s consider our class is divided into two teams. The Cool and the Meh. Let’s also consider that the amount of Cools is slightly lower than the amount of Mehs.

The thing is, the Cools usually don’t come too bright.

What they were aiming for was that they were trying to get a Cool to be class president so that they can have control over many things, including Prom Prep for next year (yep, they think way ahead if time). They were popular, and therfore thought likely to be chosen.

Their big mistake was that, instead of increasing their chances, they divided them by 3. By nominating 3 people from the same category (Cools), they were weakening their chances of winning.

Why did they not notice this flaw? The answer is over-confidence, a.k.a vanity.

Each of these people think that 1) they are popular, therefore people like them, therefore people will vote for them, and 2) they’re the most popular. They did not have a clue that while their popularity is widely aknowledged, it is not welcome to everyone, especially the to Mehs. Us Mehs aren’t going to vote for people who have always been viewed as better than us, who even may have bullied us, just because they’re “popular”. Even putting that aside, if they had for one moment thought of nominating just one person from their camp and voting for him, they might have won. But as I said, they each think they’ve got their fans. Unfortunately (for them), these ‘fans’ are often shared between the Cools, and when two Cools are nominated, fans will be forced to decide for one or the other. 

What strenghtened my chances was that I was the only Meh up for the title, and I was pretty popular amongst them, because I’m quite friendly with people I’m not afraid of. They’re very nice people.

In the days before elections, the other candidates really believed that one of them was going to win for sure. They didn’t even mention me while discussing their chances. That’s the problem with Cools: they’re naïve and conceited as fuck. I mean didn’t they, for just a moment, wonder why I – insecure and unCool as I am – would nominate myself against them if I hadn’t calculated my chances?

The election day came, and we all cast our votes. An interesting – but predictable – thing happened: one of the candidates, who was somewhat brighter than the other two, realized the mistake they had made – just moments before people started voting. Obviously, he didn’t tell anyone, much less his oponents, but I knew. I knew the panic. I was delighted. I’m kinda a horrible person.

He wasn’t just going to sit there and take it though – he had to act. To cheat. And cheat he did: he stole at least 3 voting papers from different people, crossed the names they had voted for, and wrote his. I guess from that you could conclude that the voting was unsupervised and taken very lightly. Shame. One of the other candidates tried to pay people to vote for him, but it didn’t work out because it turned out he didn’t have money.

Result: three days later, the winner is announced, and I win with 17 votes. The others received 2, 5 and 4 (that one was the cheater – just his vote and the 3 he stole). 

Wow, I actually had gotten more than half! I certainly did not expect that. I’m very flattered. I’m enjoying my useless title right now, but it ain’t doing me any good at the moment because I’m studying for a Physics test and it ain’t lookin’ hopeful. 

Did I also tell you that i joined our first ever press club? Or that I started going with friends to a bodybuilding gym to tone my muscles and actually go to the beach this summer? 

That particular thing is most new to me, and it’s also been quite painful (it has been 3 days since the first workout and my hands are still sore from the body rolls – I couldn’t even move them the first day. And it’s gonna be like that every weekend.) Still, I’m excited to see what I’ll make of it.

So yeah, pretty exciting year for me! Choir, press club, class presidency, bodybuilding, and of course this blog! All of these have happened so fast, but I’m enjoying them so far. Let’s hope it stays this way! (I’d also like to take up Piano lessons, but I think that’s pushing the line a bit.)

I’ll see you soon, hopefully, as I’m working on many upcoming posts! (Including Potterviewter 2, Confident Album Review, Mirandafics and an Award).


8 thoughts on “And the Class Prez for this year is… (Spoiler Alert: Me.)

  1. My school is the exact same except theres the populars. the mehs and the mehs mehs yeah and guess what I am? The Meh Mehs I dont care though! Congrats though!

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