I’m so furious right now. And sad.
I’ve spent nearly two hours writing and perfecting my review for the first episode of American Horror Story: Hotel.
I even made pictures! T_T
But my stupid ass phone decided to just delete it! POOF!
How do I know that this very post won’t be deleted too? Huh?
I told my friend and she thought I was kidding and over-dramatizing. Well I guess from her point of view I do sound like a maniac, but think about it… Even though it’s mostly insignificant, it’s still something that you created. And that thing got destroyed.
I’ve searched every forum for a solution to recover my post but it was useless.
I’m not going to give up and admit defeat to my retarded phone, I’m still going to rewrite everything because fuck you technology!
I just wish I’d spent those two hours studying for my math test.

3 thoughts on “NOOOOOooooo….

    1. Rogan!!!1! I can’t believe that my misery is your laughing stock! And I thought we were friends…

      (I’m only joking. I can’t call my phone a stupid ass and be serious at the same time, and I wouldn’t have bothered to post this if I didn’t find the situation somewhat humorous. But I still feel bad about it tho)

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