The First Day Of School (!!!!!okstopit) Part 2

I was just telling everyone in my last post how it went during my first day of school. As I found that I had been talking rather excessively, I decided to divide it in two. Anyway, as I was saying…

It really was nice seeing everyone again.

The first period was History. What an extremely boring way to start the week. How were we supposed to stay awake after the weekend if some old lady (with all my respect to this old lady) spent the first hour of the week going on and on about some war that nobody cares about? Well, I guess some people do care about the Second World War, but that’s beside the point.
Second period was Maths.
Does he do it on purpose?! I can’t believe how someone could speak as though he’d just learned how to, look like he had just been smoking weed, and teach maths to 30 students who really are serious about it.
I feel like I’m really being offensive here (if anyone at school found out about what I’ve been writing… I don’t even wanna think about it) but it’s just what I feel. He’s just so slow! I can’t deal with slow people! I hope I’ll get used to him later on.
About midway through maths I was called with about 5 other guys to go and help the Prefect distribute planners and textbooks to students in all classes. I came back about an hour later, by which time we had Chemistry with the same teacher from last year. She’s good at teaching, but she’s got this air of haughtiness and pretense. And it doesn’t help that half the boys have a crush on her. Not me though. I feel like we never really hit it off (like I do with almost all the other teachers – not that I’m this stereotypical teachers’ pet but I get along with them pretty well) and I’m sure she was the reason my other best friend was moved to the other class because we used to talk and laugh a lot during her classes last year.
Anyway, after the first 25-minute break of the day (that I spent with my friends debating who’s in the most awful class), the Headmistress/HeadNun (our school’s run by nuns. Oo that rhymes. NunRun. I feel like that’s the name of an app. Anyway) spent about 40 minutes going over the new and ever-evolving school rules (that shit’s getting ridiculous) and informing us about the elaborate punishment system that was going to take place from now on.
Why do they all think we’re an uncivilzed bumbling babbling band of baboons?!
There was 10 minutes left of the fourth period after that, which was Biology, and the new teacher seemed to know her shit. I liked her. Even though she creeped the creep out of me when she told us that she had actually been ‘following’ us in school since we were only 6 (turns out she’s been the Biology coordinator ever since – that means she supervises all the biology teachers and makes the tests).
Fifth and Sixth were Physics, one of my favorite subjects. The new teacher (by ‘new’ I mean new to us; he’s not exactly fresh – he actually teached my mother) seemed also very competent, but, just as mom recalls him, so obnoxious and pretentious and other –ious things. He wasn’t really mean to everyone (he did answer my question nicely when I asked, as I took care of being as polite as possible), but he did have a tendency at retorting nastily at things he doesn’t deem intelligent.
Finally, we had Theater, a subject we had only had once before during eighth grade. The teacher was very nice, and she made me excited about what were going to do during the year. She asked us all in turn abour our hobbies and our feelings toward theater and being on stage in front of an audience (not exactly a challenge for me) and our future ambitions. I told her that deep down I wanted to be a writer but since it’s not a very certain proffession, I was going to go for architecture. She told me to fuck it and just do what I love. I appreciated that, but it was easier said than done.
At last, the bell rang at 2:40, and we were free to go. At home, I watched the second episode of Breaking Bad (just got into that show, pretty intense) and then got down to business (a.k.a physics homework that took like 5 minutes).
I showered, had dinner, and started writing this post about an hour ago.
My fingers are numb. How much have I blabbed about? Guess I better make this a two-parter, in case I’m too busy to post something tomorrow (or because most of you will probably have dozed off by the middle of the post). Also, I’ll copy this previous sentence on to the beginning of the first post because it just seems cool. Like a déjà-vu for you. You’re welcome.

Wish me luck for the 175 days to go!

3 thoughts on “The First Day Of School (!!!!!okstopit) Part 2

  1. yeah, IKR, you made this post aaages agooo, but like, was just reading some of your older posst and cane across this one. Junior high???i thought you were seventeen??cos im 12, like, the youngest in my class, have to wait till july to be 13!!and im in high school…do things work that dofferently??pls explain cos’ i don’t get this…england does everything so differently, even from scotland and wales!!we have reception for one year at 4-5 yrs, primary is year 1-6, so you’d be 5-11 yrs old, and high is 7-11, youd be 11-15, and sixth form which is yr 12 and 13 16-17, and you strt uni from around 18+, when you done, you either do further studies, or just start work.Is your system very different?lol, ur teacher actually said fuck it!!??2day, as a joke, my friend dared me to say to my other friend ‘i wanna lick ur pussy’, so I did, and my teacher heard, i got a 2 hour detention, everyday for the whole week!!i told my parents i blew out a bunsen burner, cos they dont kno wi know about dirty stuff, and it isn’t actually a lie, lol, i did blow out a bunsen burner 3 months ago, for a punishment the teacher made me miss the next practical,and a test was based on that practical, and i actually got 99%tho!!Do you think any of ur teachers are complete stupid bastards??i do!!bye


    1. I love that you actually think my older stuff is worthy of reading ^^
      I honestly don’t know what junior high or elementary or all these school types mean. In my country, you can go to one school your entire life. I’ve been in the same school since I was 3 years old. I never understood the need to have high school divided from middle school or elementary or whatever. I’m 16 so I’m in Grade 11
      Also, my birthday is in july too!
      And no my teacher didn’t actually say ‘fuck it’ :p
      And OMFG YOU SAID THAT IN FRONT OF YOUR TEACHER?! XD OH MY GODDD your friends are horrible
      Your teacher is awful too. Why does she care?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. ohhh!wow, *high five*mines on the 23rd!!ohh, lol, I though she actually said that, and i was like WTF!!my friends aren’t really horrible, we just like banter, and I dared her to say to another girl, ‘why did you give your dad a BJ??’lol, thats pprobs a lot worse, somehow, since its got her dad in it… teacher only got mad cos we were doing groupwork, and in threes, on girl was my friend, and we were going round chatting to all the other groups distracting, and the other girl in my group was left to do all the work, i felt bad afterwards, so i made this 3 page long really awesome script, like yeah, its really funny too!!bye!!


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