The First Day Of School(!!!!!!) Part 1

This is the day everyone’s been dreading during the summer.
Ever since the final bell rang and let us all know that we’re finally done with school three months ago, every one of us has been counting down the seconds until that same bell would ring again and announce the beginning of another dull and tiresome school year.
Every day, we woke up, mentally calculating how many blissful days of summer we have left to savor and enjoy before we’ll have to open another textbook again.

That day was today.
At six o’clock in the morning, my alarm clock gleefully started chimmering and twittering like a bird who had found a particularly juicy worm.
I wanted to find that bird, and kill it with fire.
I don’t remember how, but I ended up falling asleep again and my mom had to wake me up 45 minutes later to have a bit of dry toast as breakfast, put on my ragged and fugly uniform and throw everything I might need in my schoolbag.
When I first woke up, I wasn’t really paying attention to what was going on – it was just another school day morning like the thousands I had had before – and that was mostly because I’d been woken up about four hours before the time I’d been used to during summer.
When I really woke up and realized that this was the first day of my junior year at high school, I started to freak out. By the time my mom was dropping me off at the school gates, my hands were shaking uncontrolably.
But why is that?
I am in no way a bad student. That really wasn’t the problem at all because I’d never found any class particularly difficult, and I usually get top grades whether I like the subject or hate it.
No, what I was worried about was the way these party poopers we have as principals had divided us in our classes.
First of all, IT’S COMPLETELY POINTLESS! What could possibly be good enough reason to swap students’ classes? We’ve gotten used to them. We feel comfortable in them. If anyone needs to change their class, or have special reasons, then fine! Go ahead! But why do they have to shuffle us all? It’s the main reason for my back-to-school anxiety. This sucks.
That wasn’t really a problem about a couple of years ago. After all, I was the loneliest kid ever and had literally no real friends to spend time with. I would only worry about whether I was still the top student between the rest (that was rarely a problem) or if there were any bullies in my class. I literally HATED recess and actually wrote about how horrible it was in my journal that I still own. Reading it now, I’m surprised at how much of a tragedy it used to be for me, and how creative I was in describing it. It could easily fit in any modern Dystopian YA novel.
However, times have changed, and through unexplainable miraculous circumstances, I now have quite a bunch of friends and besties. I’ve talked about them a few times before on here.
Here’s the catch: my best friends weren’t exactly the best of friends themselves. In fact, it was quite far from that. As I was reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince last week, I came across a quote that I found so relatable it hurt: “Harry found himself the best friend of two people who seemed unlikely ever to speak to each other again.”

Well… Not to that extent. It’s not that much of a disaster. But still.
The point was that I wasn’t sure what I wanted myself. To have both of them of my class would be great, but I feel like there would be a looming aura of negativeness, and I didn’t want to be in the middle of that.
There also quite a few other issues that caused me to have such mixed feelings, but I feel like these are way too personal to divulge.
Anyway, as I arrived to school, everyone was already standing in line (it would take ages to describe to you how rules at my school work, but let’s just say it’s more like a mix of military base and kindergarten.) I turned around, and noticed that the class lists with students’ names were already pinned to the notice board! My heart thumping, I took a few steps forward and my eyes started darting across the family names in first list.
G… G… G… Nope. I’m not on there. On to the next one… I looked in the G’s, and there I was! Okay. Phew. Now on to my friends’ names. I looked just above mine, and the familiar name that usually preceded mine was still there. Yay! One down, one to go. My eyes raced back to the A’s… Come on…
But I still couldn’t find it. It was back there, on the previous list.
Right then, I thought, oh well. It was too much to ask for anyway.
And it was fine, really, after all, I had avoided what I had been dreading, and still had gotten something I was very happy with.
I then walked serenely towards my class. I said hi to my friends. It really was nice seeing everyone again.

The rest will be posted tomorrow! 🙂

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