Adventures with Miranda Sings!

Nope. Not a joke.

Miranda just recently made a video called ‘Reading Fanfiction‘ and the most amazing idea dawned on me: Mirandafics! 

The possibilities started flooding my brain. I NEEDED to write Miranda stories! 

At first I thought of doing a continuous story. Then, I had the idea of making it about Miranda in the Harry Potter world! But then I couldn’t really think of much that would happen so I finally settled on making weekly (or monthly, or whatever, the schedule isn’t really important at the moment) fics, each in a different situation/universe. 

I guess I’ll start with a normal story first (as normal as Miranda gets, at least) and then dive into completely imaginary scenarios like Hogwarts and stuff later.

This is exciting! I can’t wait. Even though I know that my one faithful reader and bestie happens to hate Miranda. Oh well, she’ll have to deal with it.

Oh, I forgot: for those of you who don’t know who or what a Miranda is (shame on you), she’s a quite popular Youtuber. Here she is:


Isn’t she just beautiful?! 😍

(Look up Colleen Ballinger on Google. It will all make much more sense.)

12 thoughts on “Adventures with Miranda Sings!

  1. You can set Miranda into the HP world. You can say she’s the daughter of one Harry’s classmates, or a muggle…and she has classes with Harry’s children. :))

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            1. Yep, JK Rowling says so in some new writing on Pottermore I think… Hermione was made Head of Magical Law Enforcement Office and she made Elf-Protecting laws and sent Umbridge to Azkaban for persecution of Muggle Borns and Half Breeds or something like that (at least I think that’s what happened… Am i imagining this?)

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  2. Thanks for the link. On the same website it says that Hermione was made Head of Magical Law Enforcement Office and she made Elf-Protecting laws?
    Btw., did J.K. mentioned what Harry was doing after he finished school?


      1. I found some as well. I’ve read the books a while ago. I did love them, still do, but the fandom dwindled. If I would’ve been still in high school, I would’ve read everything there is about H.P.
        Pity there would not be a sequel to the series. Like a 20 years after book, or something.

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