Didn’t anyone notice something wrong with the Hermione-Krum relationship?

This thought occured to me while I was midway through Goblet of Fire last month… Krum and Hermione were a couple back then. That was strange.

And now I am reading Half-Blood Prince and I’ve come across Ginny saying ‘Hermione has snogged (a.k.a made out with) Krum.’

Didn’t anyone think it was wrong that Krum, an 18-years-old, made out with a 14-year-old?!

Or is it okay in the wizard world? I don’t think so.

Sure Hermione is a smart girl, and knows her shit, it just seems strange that she let a legally adult guy (both in the Muggle and Wizard worlds) woo her.

Am I over-reacting? Did anyone notice that but just didn’t give it much attention because it’s not a big deal? Let me know.

23 thoughts on “Didn’t anyone notice something wrong with the Hermione-Krum relationship?

  1. I think its half and half in regards to the weirdness. To me the wizarding world as a whole is far behind compared to the rest of the world and a lot of their practices are very out of date, Hermione may not have though about it like that because of everything they have gone through so far she may feel older than her current age. Also because we really have not been given a whole lot of background information to work with, apart from hints.

    We have been given hints that Hermione was bullied when she was younger, probably making her grow up faster. Making it less weird for Hermione.

    Maria x

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    1. You make a fair point. I do feel like wizards are still old fashioned, and they haven’t really developped in the way Muggles have. Could they still have that old mindset that thinks it’s perfectly fine for a teenager to be in a relationship with an adult?

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      1. They could because from all the information given about the wizarding world most of them get married straight out of school and some of the marriages are arranged by parents. So to them it maybe entirely fine.
        Because at 11 they are given a wand that is potentially a weapon and can be used for harm or protection, so being in a relationship with in adult to them is not wrong as they may think with having a wand on them at all times the teenagers are able to defend themselves. Maria x

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          1. I may have been a bit obsessed on a grand scale with harry potter at one point :), and did a lot of discussing about harry potter with my friends and I watch all eight films at least once a year. So have had a lots of chances to think about aspects of the harry potter world, that on a first or second watch people would not think about.
            Maria x

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    1. She could be, just to prove her point… But still, Krum considered Hermione to be the person he’d miss the most in the Triwizard Tournament! Hasn’t he got anyone he cares more about at home?! (Fleur’s was Gabrielle, so we know it could be someone outside Hogwarts).


  2. I haven’t though about it. I think most people do not pay too much attention to the romance in Harry Potter, since it is not a romantic series (Thank God!).
    Now that you mention it…it is weird. I don’t know if they are really behind, since they reject modern technology out of principle. And they use some modern thingies, like cars, radios, cameras etc. And the arranged/forced marriages are happening in the pure blood families, the ones that do not want to marry half-bloods, or muggle born. And lets be honest, even today stuff like this happens.
    Maybe for Hermione it was a simple, 14 year old crush. You know, younger girls crushing on older guys. And I don’t know why Krum was still in school, since most 17 years old people are in their last school year.
    Even in the past, the marriages weren’t consumed until the girl had a certain age.
    Anyway, I don’t think is that important, since the romance is a minor sub-plot. In general, I am not very impressed by the romance in Harry Potter, but since it is not the main plot, it does not ruin the story. 🙂

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    1. I agree with you, if the series were all about romance… Some of us would be quite turned off (that’s what fanfics are for!). And it does happen a lot for young girls to have crushes on older guys (*cough*one direction*cough*), I just didn’t think Hermione would also be one of them. I guess like you said it wasn’t really an important part of the story so it wasn’t really thought through.

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      1. To be honest, I think the Krum thingy was added to spark some drama between Ron and Hermione.
        By the way, I thought that Harry and Hermione would end up together. Harry&Ginny came out of nowhere.


          1. Yup. In book 5 he was all over Cho, which he met in book 3, and the bam, book 6 he’s in love with Ginny. Oh well…
            Btw., what do you of the plot whole in books 3?

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              1. The Time Turner is a one of them, but I was referring to the Castle’s Map.
                The Map has been in F&G’s possession for 5 years. Peter was a rat in the Weasly family for 13 years. How come F&G did not noticed that Percy or Ron were always with someone named Peter? I mean, Lupin did saw Peter on the map…
                Well, no book is perfect.


                1. I have my own theory about that, and I don’t think it’s too far-fetched… So the marauders created the map for ‘mischief’, but they still wanted to avoid trouble, right? In case they forgot to wipe the map or left it somewhere, maybe they made it so that only the marauders could see themselves and the other marauders. That’s how Lupin could see Peter, but not Fred and George for example…

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  3. Harry Thought Tonks Was In Love With Sirius And They’re Cousins. I’m Not Sure Why He Thought That Was Normal When He Grew Up In The Muggle World. Incest Seems To Be A Thing In The Books. If They Don’t Mind Relatives Marrying Why Should A Little Thing Like Age Difference Bother Anyone. I Guess.


      1. Still Taboo Here. Maybe Not In The Books In The Muggle Or Wizard World Since No One Bats An Eye At It. But They Also Don’t At Arranged Marriages Or Age Difference. Except Lupin As One Of His Main Reasons Of Wh y He Wouldn’t Give Tonks A Chance

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  4. I’m like for years late on this response, but just getting through it now and I’m honestly disturbed. How is this not a bigger deal?


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