Yay! I’m still up.

I’ve broken my record of staying up late – cue applause – previously held last new year’s eve, during which I stayed up cleaning my room because #resolution and danced hysterically to some old Gaga hits because #roots.

Tonight however is already half past five in morning and I’m still here tyoing away my tiredness. It was my uncle’s sort-of bachelor party (I say sort-of because there were women too. And children. And the bride and her family and their children. In fact, this was the unbachelorest of parties) and he decided to do it in front if our house for some reason so we I had to endure the never ending awfulness that is arabic ‘party’ songs and bad singing all night.

Now I’m not trying to sound grumpy; I actually enjoyed most of it because a) THE FOOD! b) it was quite rebellious to have them all dancing at one point while I was laying on my parents’ bed listening to Lorde and reading Order of the Phoenix (I wanted someone to come in and see me and be like dayum this kid is off his rockers, but retrospectively I’m glad no one did), c) I got to dance a little, d) I had not done anything interesting this summer, and e) it gave me a reason to stay up late enough to make it a milestone and also make a post about it.

The party just ended and everyone has gone to bed but I sit here continuing to be rebellious. How long will I stay awake? God knows! Aha suckers

Actually I don’t think I could stay up much longer. I wonder when I’ll wake up tomorrow.

But remain reassured, no matter how late it is I promise I won’t turn it into another post.

This was supposed to be just a paragraph and I’ve turned it into an essay. God, do I ramble. Is anyone still reading this?

(And yes I know how stupid it is to post this under Special Occasion but meh I’m still feeling rebellious.)

Just say it already!

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