Shit then.

My two best friends have now SOMEHOW discovered my blog.

How the fuck am I supposed to talk shit about them now?! (Not that I do that.)

When I started this blog I intended it to be private, or at least without people I personally know hearing about it. I felt it would limit my creative freedom.

I clearly underestimated their sneaky talents. I did not see that coming.

Oh well. Harm’s done. No point freaking out. Hopefully they’ll be forgetting about this soon, or else I guess they’ll have to #DealWithIt #SorryNotSorry #GetOnMyLevel #Blessed #NoHashtag #HashtagHashtagNoHashtagHashtag

And I wonder why they find me weird.


    1. I left a link to a post somewhere unsafe >~< didn't think they'd find it but here we are… Anyway I have a feeling that they just thought it was just this one post because they haven't been saying anything more about the blog so that's a relief ^^

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