Stop hatin’ on Potter

I noticed a lot of Potterheads complain about Harry being bitchy in the fifth book.

When I read this book the previous times, I somehow agreed. He was usually quite stable emotionally and it was strange to see him act out like that and start being angry at everything.

However, now, while reading again, I can’t believe how much I relate to how he feels.

So many of these thoughts that cross his mind remind me of mine; the most notable is when he starts drifting off to rather bad spirited thoughts about his friends, and a few seconds later he feels shame and guilt about it.

I understand how I might have overlooked these parts before, because I myslef had not been through this process of conflicting emotions.

Now, after going through this eventful and confusing mess of a year, I find that Jo has indeed captured to near perfection the feelings of a teenage boy, unsure of who he thought were his friends’ and even his own intentions.

So dear anti-grumpy-Harry readers, cut him some slack. If even plain, normal, not-Chosen-One boys (or girls) his age go through this jumble of angry and confused emotions, imagine what it would be like for a boy who besides having to deal with natural anger that comes from raging hormones and first loves, has the world’s evilest wizard after him, the entire magical community ridiculing and disbelieving him, and… What else…

Oh right HE’S A FUCKING HORCRUX!!?! That’s enough to make anyone grim and agitated (Exhibit A: Ron & The Locket). It’s a wonder how he hasn’t grown up to be Grumpy Smurf.

In fact, if you think about it, it’s an adequat explanation as to why the dursleys were always so angry and hateful towards him (well there was the fact that they hated his whole family and kind but maybe that’s a side effect?)


(For those of you who aren’t familiar with that particular web meme about LEAVING BRITNEY ALONE, don’t worry, I’m not really that upset. I don’t really care actually about your feelings towards some fictional character.)
(Okay I do.)
(A lot.)
(So watch it.)

Just say it already!

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