Harry Potter as Seen by my Little Sister! Book 1 – Part 1 –

Alright! So this the first installment of Potterviewster!

For those of you who haven’t read my previous post, this is me asking my little sister questions about the Harry Potter books which she’s currently reading.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Hi, thank you for doing this-

Let’s get this over with.

Got it. When did you read the 1st book?

About a year ago.

What made you read them?


I made you? Like forced you?

No but you were always reading them and telling us we should read them too and not watch the last movies to avoid spoilers.

So you eventually read the books.


And did your sister read the books?

She just read like the first two pages.

[Other sister: What? Shut up I read half of the first one almost probably]

And why didn’t she continue?

Because my sister doesn’t like reading and she *interruption* [Other sister: can you stop talking about me I thought this was your interview]

*ignoring second sister* So tell me what you remember about the first book.


What do you remember about the first book?

What?? (She seemed to have become hearing impaired somehow)


Oh. Harry used to live with his aunt… What’s her name… Petunia and… Vernon and their son Dudley and they hated him because his mother and father were wizards.

Whow there you’re getting ahead he didn’t even know they were wizards yet.

But they knew.

Good point. Proceed.

So his mother and father were wizards…

What were their names?

Um… Lily and… And…


[Other Sister] James.

[Lil Sister] Shut up this is my interview I talk you shut up okay so shut up. His name was James.

Okay got it.

And his aunt and uncle were treating him badly and they kept him at home and also they gave him Dudley’s old school uniform!

And then…


Then what happens?

What happens?


Oh. Then the letters start arriving. But his uncle doesn’t let him read them.


Because they say that he’s a wizard and should go to a magic school and they don’t want him to know it. And then letters keep coming so his uncle goes mad and takes them to a house in the sea but it doesn’t matter because Hagrid comes and gives Harry a birthday cake because it was his birthday and tells Harry he is a wizard and gives him the letter and turns Dudley into a pig because he started eating the cake – wait no – he wanted to turn him into a pig but he could only give him a pigtail because he looked already like a pig.

Did you like Hagrid?



Because he was cute.


Yes but he was expelled.

Yeah but you don’t know this until the second book.

I know but just saying.

So he got his letter and then what happened?

He went to Poudlard (Hogwarts in French) and made friends – Hermione and um Ron.

Which one of his friends did you like better?



Because she’s sassy. And also smart.

Do you think you’re like her?

[Other Sis] No

[Lil Sis] Well not really but you seem to think we look alike

Not in the appearence, like, her personality...

[Other Sis] No

[Lil Sis] Oh, maybe… I think I’m clever like her 

[Other Sis] No

[Lil Sis] And we like books…

*suddenly we hear fireworks and we interrupt the interview to go look at them*

*we are back*

What else was there at Hogwarts?

There was Quidditch.

Did you like Quidditch?

Oh yes.

Would you play it?

No because it’s dangerous and also the rules are weird.

Can you explain them?

There are 4 balls. A small one that flies and you should catch – what is it called again?

[Other Sis] Flying Ball?

[Lil Sis] Oh yeah it’s the Vif d’Or (French for Snitch). And there’s two Cognards (Bludgers) that try to hurt the players and there’s the big ball that’s called… I forgot… 

*we pause the interview to look it up because I myself had forgotten the French name for Quaffle*

Right, it’s the Souafle. And they try to score with it and the team with most points win. 

Okay. Let’s fast forward to the end of the book. What happened in the end of the year?

With the Philosopher’s Stone?



So this was the first part of our first book interview! The rest will come out sometime soon.

Did you enjoy it? Should I continue with the other books? Should I stop? Should I go hang myslef? Should I stop blabbing?

Lemme know.

Just say it already!

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