Potterviewster! Or something else.

Potterviewster: Interviews with my little sister about Harry Potter!


I’m feeling weird.


A couple of years ago, I came across a blog where someone was interviewing his little sister about the Harry Potter books that she had read. I found it hilarious, and I promised myself that if one of my sisters ever picked up the books, I would do the same with her (is this too much of a rip-off? If you are the person who originally thought of this, and you’re reading this, and you feel too plagiarized, feel free to leave hate comments and demand this post to be destroyed and even send me a couple of Howlers).

When I felt that it was finally time for my sisters to begin their journey through the magical world of Harry Potter, I told them to read the books (I’m the eldest, the youngest was 10 at the time and the middle one, who was almost 14, fits her middle-fingery attitude). But much to my horror, they laughed it off. So I did what any person would do and made them watch the movies. They were both hooked.

As I expected from my clever little sis, by the sixth film, she wanted to read the books, so she took my advice and did not watch the last movies. And as I expected even more, the other one continued with the movies because she had never read a book in her life and wasn’t going to start now. I feel deeply sorry for people like her.

Then history repeated itself, and the same good old friend that had lent me her books when I was reading the series (who I talked about in my Potter & Me post) lent them to my sister. Isn’t she the nicest?!

And now that she is reading the fourth book and has gotten deep into the Potterverse and started making references that make me very proud, I think the time has come for us to start with our interviews.

We have so far recorded 30 minutes of discussion and questions about the books that she has already read, so I am going to go through them again and trim them down (a lot) and turn them into blog posts! Yaaay. 

Also, my second sister was clearly jealous. Throughout the interview she kept being sarcastic and trying to answer the questions before my younger sister based on her shallow knowledge from the films. She so wants to read them. She just doesn’t want to admit it. Maybe she’s reading them in secret! Nah. Too far.

I’m working on these, and I guess I’ll have plenty of time since my fucking camp that I have been waiting for all summer got canceled while both my sisters are at their stupid scout camp that I desperately wish I could be in. If only they didn’t make us all bathe together in swimsuits.

Oh well.

Just say it already!

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