What goes through my mind when I’m walking on the street

[7/28, 7:22 PM] Okay so

[7/28, 7:22 PM] Im walking on the street

[7/28, 7:22 PM] A car is possibly going to take me down in a moment

[7/28, 7:22 PM] Gladly it did not

[7/28, 7:23 PM] Oh look a boy I know

[7/28, 7:23 PM]  I have to walk with my head down looking at my phone to avoid any form of social interaction

[7/28, 7:23 PM] Mission accomplished; subject is now out of sight

[7/28, 7:23 PM] How pathetic am I

[7/28, 7:23 PM] A woman just asked me how I’m doing and I just talked to her like half an hour ago

[7/28, 7:23 PM] #alzheimer #nooffencetoalzheimerers

[7/28, 7:23 PM] What an interstingly shaped tree

[7/28, 7:24 PM] Yay I made it through without injuries

[7/28, 7:24 PM] Yes I know that was a two-minute walk but it was emotionally challenging

[7/28, 7:24 PM] Bye now

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