iReview: FROOT by Marina and the Diamonds


My friend requested a review for this album. As I already love Marina, I thought that this was a good idea, since not many people actually know about her. In fact, most of them think she’s a band.

She’s not, people. She’s not.

Her name is Marina Diamandis (fabulous, ikr?) So she chose the stage name Marina and the Diamonds. Probably because it sounds cooler and less pretentious than Marina Diamandis.

So this album was a really nice listen. I had already listened to her previous album, Electra Heart (which I totally recommend for Pop/EDM fans), and I loved it, even though it was loud and dull at times. And to be completely honest, I wasn’t so sure about her voice. When it got high, it was slightly annoying.

This one is completely different, while still maintaining a nice pop feel throughout. The opening track, Happy, is a calm ballad. When I first heard it, I thought it was a total snooze fest, I mean, I expected something a bit more upbeat from a song called Happy. However, it has grown on me over time. I love its lyrics, and it’s one of the songs I like to listen to before I sleep. (I listen to songs before I sleep. Don’t judge me.)

Froot, the title track, is an infectious pop gem; and its production reminded me strangely of the Super Mario soundtrack. 

The album contains 12 tracks. 6 of these I thought were great (the first 4 and last 2), and the other 6 a bit less. So the term ‘filler’ fits literally here. She put these four awesome songs in the beginning so we go like ‘oh, that’s a great start=great album!‘ And then there’s these 6 songs that are like meh and THEN she ends the album with two great songs so that we’re left thinking ‘well you can’t say that’s not a good album because it’s great from start to finish‘. Good one, Marina.

Still, I’m not saying it isn’t.

Tracks like Better Than That, Gold, Solitaire and Forget may have been, ironically, forgettable. However, each song has something special about it, that will make you listen to it one, two, ten more times.

The last track, Immortal, was a great choice to close the album. It’s raw, emotional and its music has a rather nostalgic and gloomy feel to it. But like, in a good way. I also have used the instrumental in a few of my presentations and it’s worked really well (can they sue me for this? Now Apple AND Marina are out to get me.) It’s my third favorite track, my second being Savages, a song inspired by the Boston Bombing, that I found to be really clever; it was quite a strong statement. It has a touch of alternative in it, and I made my friend – an alt-rock fan who usually mocks me for listening to pop (even though he’s been found guilty of having all of Nicki Minaj’s albums on his laptop ‘by accident’) – listen to it, and he quite liked it.

And lastly, my favorite track – probably my favorite Marina song ever – is Blue. From the moment these first few notes started twinkling in my earphones, I was under the charm. I have listened to it countless times, and I still get chills every time the prechorus drums kick in. It’s absolutely fabulous. Even though it’s a break up song, it actually makes you feel cheerful! It’s a perfect pop song.

FROOT is the album I would recommend to anyone who’s just discovered Marina, as it blends both her first two albums in a great way, and to any pop/indie fan looking for a nice album to listen to during summer vacation.

Rating: 4/5

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