About my birthday…

So let me clear this up…

In my first post [now made private] [now not], I talked about how disappointing my birthday was. Indeed, I was talking about my birth day, specifically, and not my birthday as whole.

In fact, three days earlier, my friends had made me a little birthday party in the park; they brought me awesome presents, and an unbelievable cake (more on these later). It was really sweet and was the first time actually that I celebrated my actual birthday with friends that weren’t family members. I know. Tragic.

So what I was talking about before was that for the second year in a row my parents/family had completely breezed past my birthday. You’d say ‘oh, that’s okay, since your friends got you a cake and all that already’, but the same had happened to my sister last year (who’s just a year younger than me so it’s not like she’s an innocent baby girl); she had a party with her friends and she had two cakes from my parents.

I’m beginning to sense that I sound like a pathetic child; and trust me I don’t talk to anyone about this except here because I’m pretty sure no one’s gonna read this. But it really bothers me that they don’t notice that this is wrong.

So. Back to the happy stuff.

My friends got me the remainder of my Harry Potter book collection. My story with Harry is quite intricate and I’ll probably make a post just for that in the future, so I’ll leave it like that. I’m a huge, huge Potterhead. So imagine my awe when, after receiving my presents and thinking my life was finally complete, they started singing Happy Birthday and then came this:

I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was so perfect! I always dreamed about a custom Harry Potter related cake, and I honestly would have been ecstatic with a plain cake that said ‘Happy Birthday from Hogwarts’ or something, but this was phenomenal. And I admit, it was very hard for my friends to get me to cut the damn cake because I just couldn’t ruin it, but I finally removed the cover and cut it and of course took the cover home with me. It has been sitting in my fridge for a week and a half now even though I have been told that I shouldn’t and the cold would ruin it; but there’s no other place to put it so I guess I’ll leave it to rot in peace.

And then here’s me holding the cover [Because um hello proof. Like this was some sort of miracle and everyone else was a skeptic scientist.]

I have no idea how to end this post so I’ll just put up a picture of Robert Downey Junior because that’s the first thing I found.


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