iReview: The Perfectionists Series by Sara Shepard

20549288  So I got the first book to my friend on Christmas, and her sister read it and her best friend read it and basically everyone read it before her so when she finally got the time to read it I snatched it away from her for a couple of weeks so I can read it because hello I’m the one who paid for it?

Fortunately for both of us, it only took me a couple of days to finish this insanely addictive book.

I had gotten her this particular book in the first place because I saw it was written by Sara Shepard, author of Pretty Little Liars, and I knew she loved the TV series and she loved reading so I thought this can’t be a bad gift in any way. I never really thought I’d read something like it myself because it seemed too much chick-flick-y, but I eventually did.

Like, wow. If all of Sara’s books are like that, bring it on! The story is hugely entertaining, and the main characters, five girls who each share their point of view in their respective chapters, are really interesting to read about. And when you get to that last page… I guess it’s a similar feeling to what old-school cartoon characters would feel like when they’re running on a cliff and they suddenly find themselves running on thin air and then they realize it and after a few seconds of distorted facial expressions they begin plummeting down to their doom [and eventual resurrection since they’re cartoon characters and the depiction of what would really happen in such a situation could leave serious psychological damage on younger audiences].

I guess these last few unnecessary sentences could have been summarized by saying that it’s a real cliffhanger.

I immediately started reading the second book, The Good Girls, in e-book format because there was no way in hell I was going to order the physical copy and wait two whole weeks before I know what happens to the girls and who the hell is the murderer.

I tore through the second book, the first half was kinda mild but the second half totally made up for it.  It’s so damn full of plot twists that you’ll find yourself a tangled mess when you’re done with it. What’s really awesome is that the identity of the killer is not the real shocker. Well in a way it kinda is. But Sara fools us all.

She lays in front of us all these subtle but obvious clues as to who is the killer near the third quarter of the book, so that you’re pretty sure now who did it, and then it actually turns out to be who you suspected, so you’re feeling all smug and good about yourself and thinking haha I knew it you ain’t foolin’ me I’m smarter than u and then BAM! The truth bomb blows up in your face and you didn’t even expect it because you were too busy feeling pride and contempt. Honestly I hope this doesn’t give much away because I would have HATED to have the ending spoiled for me.

Caitlyn did it.

Just kidding. Seriously. Honest to God. Because 1) if anything it’s Caitlin (and don’t worry it’s not – and if you even suspected her idk how your thinking process works but I recommend an upgrade) and 2) Caitlyn Jenner has enough problems for her own to have to worry about deaths in Beacon Heights.

Eventually my friend read the book and just like me she had a stroke and a heart attack like you all probably will when you get to that ending and we all lived happily ever after but in constant paranoia. The end 🙂

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

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